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Indoor Pickleball Vs Outdoor Pickleball- All You Should Know

Indoor Pickleball Vs Outdoor Pickleball- All You Should Know

Pickleball is a game played on a badminton-size court with a Wiffle ball and plastic paddles. It’s a fun, fast-paced game that can be played indoors or outdoors. In this article, we’ll talk about: what are the differences between indoor pickleball vs outdoor pickleball?

The indoor pickleball ball holds a soft texture and is light in weight. These balls are easy to play in indoor conditions with less wind. The outdoor pickleball ball is heavy with more holes that help it withstand the rough and windy conditions of the outer environment.

It depends on the player who wants to play in indoor or outdoor areas. Pickleball is a game that can be enjoyed throughout the year as it can be played in indoor and outdoor settings without any problem.

Is Indoor Pickleballs Same as Outdoors?

The equipment used for playing this game is available according to the condition of the playing environment. Balls used for playing pickleball games are divided into indoor pickleball and outdoor pickleball that can be used in both situations.

Here below, we will discuss the factors that should be kept in mind while playing pickleball:


Indoor balls for the pickleball game

Outdoor balls for the pickleball game

Weight of the ball

Lighter in weight

Heavier in weight

The hardness of the ball

Soft structure

Hard structure

Number of holes in the ball

26 holes on ball surface

40 holes on ball surface

Control of the ball

Easy to control during gameplay

Hard to control during gameplay

The noise produced by the ball

Quiet in nature

Loud in nature

The lifespan of the ball

They are durable and last longer than usual

They are not durable and hold a shorter lifespan

Spin provided by the ball

These balls are easy to spin

These balls are hard to spin

Uses of the ball

They can be used in the indoor and outdoor environment

They are made for only outdoor environment

Preference by the player

These balls are preferred by casual players

These balls are preferred by serious players

1. Condition of Weather:

The weather condition, especially the wind, is considered the biggest challenge in overcoming the game conditions. People can play pickleball in indoor and outdoor settings by adjusting their shots. It is easy to hit the long shots beyond the baseline, but the crosswind factor might be tricky.

The player should check the strength of the swings during their play against the wind and be careful enough during the lob shots. In the outdoor settings, the sun is the biggest challenge for playing an accurate pickleball game.

Letting the ball bounce or your partner can take double shots is better. Poor weather conditions are not an issue with the indoor settings, but various other factors, like low ceilings and walls, can be a hindrance. 

2. Pickleball Design:

There are differences between indoor and outdoor pickleball, and manufacturers have created variations in them so players can differentiate easily.

The pickleball designed for the outdoor environment is heavy plastic but possesses small holes that provide durability and resistance against wind. Indoor pickleball is lightweight and soft, with more significant gaps in them.

These holes in the indoor pickleball allow them to make accurate shots and better bounce on the surfaces. 

3. Surface:

The surface made for playing pickleball is the main reason for creating a difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball. In the outdoor environment, the pickleball bounces at a lower rate and moves fast, so players must bend their knees to attain a good shot.

In the indoor environment, the ball moves slowly and creates long rallies because there is no extra wind and a smooth surface area.

Features of the Indoor and Outdoor Pickleballs:

  • Pickleballs are categorized into two types indoor and outdoor pickleball, and they can last longer than usual if handled with proper care and maintenance. The USAPA regulations have collectively explained some specific features and characteristics of pickleball so that players can get perfect and smooth gameplay.
  • Both pickleball types are made of a durable material that can be molded accordingly. The balls should have a smooth surface with zero texture, and a perfect bounce should be produced.
  • The balls should possess a uniform color without any texture.
  • There should be a slight ridge on the seam side of the pickleball that places an impact on the flight characteristics of the ball.
  • A pickleball’s average diameter should be kept between the range of 2.87-2.97 inches. An average pickleball’s weight should be between the range of 0.78-0.93 ounces.
  • Always make sure that your pickleball bounces between 30-34 inches when dropped from a height of 78 inches on a granite surface. A player can test the hardness of the ball with proper gameplay.
  • The minimum capacity for the holes in a pickleball is 26, and maximum capacity is 40. These holes are designed according to the flight characteristics of the pickleball.
  • The pickleball ball’s hardness should be measured between the range of 40-50 on a Durometer D scale.

Indoor Pickleballs:

Indoor pickleball balls have a large number of holes in them. These balls are easy to control than the outdoor pickleball and are soft. Indoor pickleballs possess a textured surface on them that allows a better spin during the gameplay.

These pickleballs have long rallies and small and light in weight. Indoor pickleballs are soft and does not crack easily. When the ball shows some soft spots on their surface, it indicates that the indoor pickleball is worn out.

 Indoor pickleballs are easily affected by wind, so these balls are not an excellent option for the outdoor environment. These balls are quiet, which is due to their light-weight.

Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleball

Gamma Photon Indoor Pickleball

Onix fuse indoor pickleball balls have large holes on their surface

Gamma photon indoor pickleball balls are made especially for the indoor environment and are a balanced piece

Onix fuse pickleball balls bounce easily on the surface and are durable in nature.

Gamma photon pickleball balls have a robust nature that offers more bounce.

Onix fuse pickleball is light in weight having a total weight of 0.92 ounces.

Gamma photon pickleball weighs about 0.85 ounces.

Outdoor Pickleballs:

Outdoor pickleballs possess a heavy and hard body due to the smooth plastic used in their manufacturing. These pickleballs have 40 holes drilled in them, allowing them to resist windy conditions.

These pickleballs are easy to hit hard in the outdoor environment because they offer less drag and come off with the paddle at a quick pace. The match played with an outdoor pickleball creates heated gameplay as they are hard to control and require serious fitness to handle the game.

The outdoor pickleballs can be used for a longer duration, depending on the style of playing, temperature, and the surface area for playing. These pickleballs produce more noise than indoor pickleballs.

Popular Brands:

Outdoor pickleballs has various brands that offer their best pickleballs for the outdoor courts.

Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleball

Franklin X-40 Outdoor Pickleball

Onix Fuse Outdoor Pickleball

Dura fast 40 pickleball is considered one of the prestigious brands in the world of pickleball. These are the original pickleball balls.

Franklin X-40 pickleball ball is a seamless ball that is light in weight.

Onix fuse pickleball balls are light in weight having an average weight of 0.93 ounces.

These balls are mostly used in the official gameplay offered by US Open pickleball championship conducted in 2019.

These are the approved pickleball balls by USAPA and are used in various tournaments of pickleball games.

These pickleball balls are considered a good choice for local and international pickleball tournaments.

There are various pickleball balls offered by this company having single-size holes in them that provide consistency in the game.

There are smaller holes on these pickleball balls which are considered the durable option.

Similarities in the indoor and outdoor pickleballs:

1. The Court Dimensions of The Pickleball:

The court on which the pickleball game is played should be 20 feet wide and 44 feet long. The same case is observed in indoor as well as outdoor pickleball games.

If the pickleball game is tried in the gym, it can be transformed into a court using the court tape with clear lines marked on the sides.

This way, an outdoor tennis court can be converted into a pickleball court. The dimensions mentioned for the court are applied for both the single and the doubles players.

Does Pickleball Damage Tennis Court? All You Need to Know

2. Height of Net:

The net’s height is kept the same for indoor and outdoor pickleball games. The net’s height should be 36 inches from the sideline and 34 inches from the center.

3. Rules:

The rules are the same for indoor and outdoor pickleball games. You can find the detailed rules in the USAPA rulebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can a player use indoor pickleball as outdoor ones?

Indoor pickleball is unsuitable for the outdoor environment due to its lightweight nature and is strongly affected by the wind. Indoor pickleballs are also quiet due to their lightweight body, so it offers less hit in the outdoor area.

What are the major differences between outdoor and indoor pickleball?

The balls designed for the outdoor environment are heavy and made up of plastic with small holes in them.

These features offer increased durability and bounce. Indoor pickleballs are soft and lightweight, with large holes in them. They offer more accurate shots and better bounce on the surface.

Are all kinds of pickleball considered the same?

The pickleball offered by DURA fast 40 is considered the same ball, having a different range of balls. Dura 56 and Dura fast 40 are the same pickleballs having different names. These balls have 40 holes in them and are available in yellow, orange, white, and neon color.

Which pickleballs have the big holes in them? Outdoor or indoor?

The outdoor pickelballs have approximately 40 holes in them, while indoor pickleballs have 26 holes in them. Outdoor pickleballs are big than indoor balls.

How many total holes are there in an outdoor pickleball?

There are approximately 40 holes in the outdoor pickleball played well on an outdoor surface. These 40 precise holes are done with a machine-drilled system that creates a balanced flight pattern.

Is there any difference between the pickleball?

The outdoor pickleballs are heavy and hard than the indoor pickleballs. They have small holes in them compared to the indoor ones, provide a hard hit to the paddle, and are difficult to control.

Which pickleball is considered the official outdoor pickleball?

The Dura pickleball is considered the official outdoor pickleball by the USAPA pickleball tournament and is approved as the best choice for sanctioned tournament play. They perform highly as straight and fastballs.

What sort of balls are used in the pickleball game?

In pickleball games, plastic balls are used, with perforated holes that are also referred to as Wiffle balls. These balls hold the capacity to move high in the air, and due to holes in them, they drag less.

What are the types of serves in pickleball?

There are three types of serves in the pickleball:

  • Soft angle serve
  • High soft serve
  • Power serves

How fast can pickleball go in a game?

The paddle can produce a speed between 25mph to 40 mph by hitting the ball in-game. During the matches, the pickleball is defensively hit 45% and 55% in an offensive way.

Is it possible to bounce the ball before attempting the serve in pickleball?

A player can bounce the ball before attempting a hit and serve. It is mandatory to hit the services within ten seconds of the score.

Is it a good habit to play pickleball games daily?

It is good to play pickleball regularly as it helps to improve the fitness level, blood pressure, and hand-to-eye coordination. Pickleball is a physically less demanding game than tennis in which minor injuries can happen.

How can a player increase their stamina for the pickleball game?

The players can increase their stamina for the pickleball game by regularly engaging in a brisk walk or a run. These activities assist in good cardiovascular health and are important components of a pickleball game.