Volley in Pickleball: What You Need to Know

In pickleball, the volley is when the ball is hit in the air before it bounces to the court during a rally. A player has to hit the ball in the air before the ball hits the ground.

Volley is only allowed in the non-volley zone, after the kitchen area. Any volley within the kitchen area is a fault.

There are four types of volleys associated with a pickleball game: 1. Punch volley 2. Roll volley 3. Drop volley 4. Dink volley

The hit should be slightly open in a forward punching motion. While hitting such a volley, a player extends the arm forward from the elbow.

Roll volleys are executed when the opponents are positioned in their backcourt and the contact point is below the height.

There is a seven-foot section on either side of the net that is known as the non-volley zone

To elaborate on this tip, it is mentioned that this means a “V” shape has to be made between the paddle and the wrist of the player.