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Can Pickleball be Played On Dirt? What You Need to Know

Can Pickleball be Played On Dirt? What You Need to Know

Pickleball holds an easy set of rules and is a fusion of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. The surface area matters a lot for playing games, so a question is raised: Can pickleball be played on dirt?

Pickleball is professionally played on a pickleball court but it can be easily played on any surface such as dirt, mud, or grass. The surface should be smooth and levelled by all means. A player can set up their backyard dirt surface as a pickleball playing zone according to the game’s rules.

Pickleball has different rules as compared to this game that can be learned by any player belonging to different age groups. It is not compulsory to have a hard surface for playing pickleball game.

This game can be played on any surface that is levelled and smooth, including grass, concrete, asphalt, dirt, and mud. The surface mediums can be from hard to mild-soft and should be according to the division of zones for proper gameplay.

How Is It Like to Play Pickleball On Dirt?

Although there is no problem to play pickleball on dirt from the Rule aspect, this is not something you’d like to do in order to enjoy the game to its fullest. Let me share the forum conversation that we had regarding the same:

Professional pickleball recommendation regarding playing pickleball on dirt
Professional pickleball recommendation regarding playing pickleball on dirt
Professional pickleball players’ recommendations regarding playing pickleball on dirt

Now that we have seen what professionals say about playing pickleball on dirt, let us find out the recommended surfaces that you can use to play pickleball.

Surfaces for Pickleball Game:

Here we will discuss some surfaces which you can utilize for your gameplay.


Concrete is a hard surface specified for pickleball courts. It provides an excellent surface offering durability and shows fewer signs of tear and wear. The polyurethane coating on the surface of the concrete courts gives extra support and comfort for the gameplay.


Asphalt is one of the most affordable choices for making a good surface area for a pickleball court. Asphalt holds a perfect and comfortable coating in a finished form.

It helps to play a fair game and allows a player to achieve a state of comfort. This surface does not last longer than usual compared to the concrete surface but provides support.

Tiles for Court:

Court tiles are also an excellent option for pickleball courts as a surface court. You can also place these tiles on the asphalt and concrete surface, and they are best for indoor and outdoor pickleball courts for fair gameplay.

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Pickleball and Soft Surfaces:

The court surface for pickleball is not confined to just concrete, asphalt, or tiles. You can play pickleball games on soft surfaces like dirt, mud, grass, and even in the backyard of your lawn. There are many reasons people prefer to play pickleball on surfaces like dirt. 

Some of them are:

Availability of Pickleball Courts:

As pickleball is a new game that originated two decades ago, there is a shortage of pickleball courts. Sometimes, players play their game on tennis or badminton courts due to a shortage of pickleball courts.

Soft surfaces like dirt allow the user to play pickleball without any court. A player can utilize such surfaces efficiently for playing the game. After drawing relevant lines for the zones, one can easily play the game.

A Sort of Family Reunion:

Pickleball is not only associated with a single person. It is a kind of family reunion game that can be played at family get together and parties. You can compensate your backyard lawn for this game and enjoy it with your other family members and neighbours.

Not Confined to a Court:

The Pickleball game is not confined to just a pickleball court. You can play it on a tennis or badminton court too by implementing the rules and regulations for the dimensions.

Other than this, you can enjoy this game even on a soft surface like dirt or grass, which can be transformed into a court by drawing relevant lines for the dimensions of a court.

Can Pickleball be Played On Dirt?

How to Build Pickleball Court on Dirt:

You can build a pickleball court on dirt for playing the game by following the steps below:

  1. Determining the space
  2. Choosing the surface material for the court
  3. The perimeter fencing
  4. Court lights
  5. Shopping for a pickleball net system
  6. Setting up the court for pickleball

Step 1- Determining the Space:

It is better to determine the space for the pickleball court before starting the game. As there is a shortage of pickleball courts, you can still play this game on a badminton or tennis courts.

It is better to determine the space where you will play the game. You can detect that you will play the game on a tennis court or a badminton court. In the case of tennis courts, you can convert them into a pickleball court y dividing them into four courts.

A Tennis court is much larger than a pickleball court, and it can be divided into four pickleball courts. You can use fences and paddings for dividing a large court as the dimensions are different for the pickleball and tennis courts.

Dimensions for pickleball court20 by 44 feet Same dimensions for singles and doubles game category
Net height for pickleball36 inches from the sidelines and 34 inches from the middle
Playing area for pickleball34 by 64 feet is for a tournament play. 30 by 60 feet for a standard play.

Step 2- Choosing the Surface Material for the Court:

It is better to choose a suitable surface material for the court. The court material matters if you are building the court out from scratch. The existing courts can also be adjusted according to their structure, and you can choose the material according to the demand and suitability. 

There are different types of court materials that you can select, including the best ones as concrete, asphalt, and snap-together plastic. You can also select 'dirt'. However, concrete is a highly durable material as a surface material for courts. You can use this material in outdoor settings for your court.

Asphalt is an affordable material for your courts and provides additional setup. You can also apply a new kind of surface called a snap-together surface on the court made up of asphalt and concrete.

Step 3- Perimeter Fencing:

The fence is used to create a boundary around any area. You can use multiple fences or bars around your court to build a boundary between the spectators and the players. 

The fence and boundaries help keep a distance between the players, the court, and the spectators. You can use fences made of wire or some other robust material that can allow the air and light to pass through them and fulfill the demands of a fence. 

You can take the help of the person who is involved in the work of building pickleball courts. Such a person can determine the exact length of the fence and material to avoid rust. It is preferred to keep the fencing dimensions within ten feet. If you want to pad the upper region of the fence, then you can keep the length to four feet.

Step 4- Court Lights:

Lighting is also the main factor in enhancing the gameplay on the pickleball court. Dim lights can hinder observing the ball and is not a good thing for the player. 

The management of the pickleball court should make sure to equip their courts with light poles according to the court’s demand. Each light pole should hold a maximum height to meet the standard protocol of the game on the pickleball court.

Can Pickleball be Played On Dirt?

Step 4- Shopping for Pickleball Net Systems:

Choosing the perfect and appropriate net system for your pickleball game is also necessary. It would help if you determined this thing after sorting out the matter of space and material for your pickleball courts. 

There are unlimited options available for pickleball poles and systems on the market, and you can choose among them. Look out for the one that can withstand the harsh climatic conditions and be used for longer durations in the outdoor environment. 

An outdoor pickleball net system comprises two poles, one ratchet, an outdoor pickleball net, and sleeves.

Step-5 Setting Up the Court for Pickleball:

After you have determined the surface material for your court and sorted out the issue of fencing and other materials, there comes the matter of setting up the pickleball court. You can adopt the following tips for this matter:

Hiring professionalsYou can hire a professional for installing the pickleball court to get the perfect result.

The pickleball net installation is a simple process but if you want the perfect lines and want to paint the surface then seeking professional help is not a bad idea.

You can easily create a pickleball court in your yard for a recreational play.
Orienting the courtThere are some cons associated with the outdoor courts including the irritation from scorching heat and rays of the sun.

Direct sunlight exposure can irritate the eyes of the players. It is better to evaluate the orientation plan of the court and direct it towards the north-south. These environmental elements can obstruct the game.
Marking the court linesYou can use various materials to mark the court lines including chalk, tape in green or orange color, or even acrylic paint.

You should mark the following lines that are important aspects of the pickleball court including:

A baseline
Non-volley lines
Non-volley zones
The centerlines
Service courts

Final Thought:

Pickleball can certainly be played on dirt. However, if you are in the learning phase or preparing for a championship, it is recommended you donot use a dirt court for this purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can a person play pickleball on dirt?

A Pickleball game can be played on any surface, but it should be in a levelled state. The surfaces on which pickleball can be played include dirt, mud, sand, grass, and even concrete surface.

On what kind of surfaces can a player play the pickleball game?

A player can play pickleball on any surface, but it should be plain and levelled. Pickleball can be played on grass and even on clay surfaces too. It should be a professionally smooth surface. Some players also prefer to play on a unique acrylic coating surface.

Which surface area is considered best for a pickleball court?

The best surface area for playing the pickleball game are concrete and asphalt court surface. The concrete surface is made up of an outdoor court surface and is best in durability. The asphalt surface is a good and affordable option for courts.

Can a player play the pickleball game on the lawn?

Yes, a player can play pickleball on any surface, including the lawn. There is no restriction on playing pickleball game on a grassy surface. But the competitive and professional pickleball game is always played on a perfect court.

Can a player play pickleball on a clay surface?

Pickleball can be played on clay surfaces, but it does not provide a steady bounce. The hard pickleball court adds an extra dimension to the play.

Can you play pickleball on a carpeted surface?

Pickleball can be played on any surface, including carpet surface. The surface should be hard and levelled, and it is best for playing the pickleball game. Other surface options include concrete, asphalt, gym floors, and tennis courts.

Can a pickleball game be played on hardwood floors?

Yes, a pickleball game can be played on hardwood floors. Choosing the best material for sports settings, including the court surface, is better. Surfaces like wood or faux wood gym floors can give excellent results.

Can a player use a tennis court for their pickleball game?

Pickleball can be played on tennis courts or any court, including the badminton court. The Tennis court can be transformed into a court for pickleball in an easy way.

Which way is the most common one to play the pickleball game?

The most popular way to play the pickleball game is playing the doubles category.

Which sort of concrete can be used to build up a pickleball court?

The concrete of good quality material is best for building the pickleball court.

Can a player play pickleball on a sand surface?

Yes, pickleball can be played on any surface area, including sand, beach, or park.

Can pickleball replace the tennis sport?

Pickleball game is a racquet sport and is highly famous among the individuals who feel difficulty in playing tennis and badminton as they are hard on the knees. Pickleball can be played on the tennis court, but it cannot replace this game as tennis is a much older and internationally recognized sport.

Why is pickleball highly encouraged as a sport among senior citizens?

 Pickleball is highly encouraged among the senior citizens and is played with enthusiasm. Pickleball can be played on small courts and does not require much movement from place to place. This game encourages a player to socialize, especially in the form of the doubles category.

Is pickleball sport considered the same sport as a Wiffle ball?

Pickleball and Wiffle ball is considered as same in many aspects, but there is a considerable difference between them. A Pickleball game uses a pickleball and a paddle, while a Wiffle ball is played using a bat.

Is pickleball considered a low-impact sport?

Pickleball is a low-impact sport and is an excellent workout for cardiovascular people. It helps increase mobility and develops eye and hand coordination and balance.

Do all jeeps face the death wobble?

Death wobble is not associated as an exclusive problem with Jeep. It is a situation that any vehicle can face with a solid front axle.