What Kind of Ball is Used in Pickleball?

What Kind of Ball is Used in Pickleball

Pickleball is a unique sport that combines tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It can be played by people of all ages and abilities and even at national-level competitions. The Pickleball game holds specific rules and regulations that we will discuss later on, but the foremost thing which pops up in our mind is the idea of the ball used for playing this sport. The question arises that: what kind of ball is used in pickleball games?

The ball used in pickleball is made up of lighter material such as plastic so that a perfect and smooth grip can be provided by using paddles. Pickleball has varying levels of durability and includes drilled-in holes. Outdoor pickleball contains more holes than indoor pickleball.

Types of Balls Used in Pickleball:

The balls of Pickleball are divided into two types:

  1. Indoor pickleball
  2. Outdoor pickleball

Balls Used in Indoor Pickleball:

What Kind of Ball is Used in Pickleball

The ball used in indoor pickleball is specifically designed for indoor courts and is not meant for outdoor courts like hard tennis courts. Playing surface plays a vital role in selecting the ball for the game.

If you are playing indoor, it is recommended to go for indoor pickleball due to its structure and features. Here we will discuss some features of indoor pickleball as below:

  • It is much softer in structure and lighter material like smooth plastic.
  • They are specifically a perfect choice for indoor surfaces like wooden gym floors or smooth indoor courts; thus, less destruction is seen in the case of indoor pickleball.
  • The plastic used in making indoor pickleball is highly durable and much lighter and soft material. This soft plastic helps the indoor pickleball to adapt well to the smoother surface.
  • Indoor pickleball contains fewer holes than outdoor ones and is about 26 in each ball. The holes are slightly larger than outdoor pickleball.
  • The bounce of indoor pickleball gives players reasonable control during a serve. Indoor pickleball has a very high bounce as compared to outdoor ones.
  • Indoor pickleball is lighter and holds about 0.8 ounces of weight, approximately equal to 22.68 grams. This lightweight characteristic of indoor pickleball makes it difficult to generate power. It results in extended volleys between the players.
  • All the features discussed above are suitable for indoor environments. Thus, it makes the indoor pickleball perfect for indoor surfaces.
  • Indoor pickleball has a drawback which is the lack of power. The pickleball also develops cracks over time, thus requiring changing after certain games. It becomes soft over time, and a player then needs to replace the old pickleball with a new one.  
Onix Fuse Indoor PickleballGamma Photon Indoor Pickleball
This is the large hole version of the item fuse outdoor ball.It is made up of a balanced two-piece construction.
It is designed to fly straight, bounce accurately and are durableThey are made up of thicker construction and are easier to control which gives true flight.
They have a diameter of 2.9 inches.They have a diameter of 2.9 inches.

Balls Used in Outdoor Pickleball:

What Kind of Ball is Used in Pickleball

The ball used in outdoor pickleball is made specifically for the outdoor environment and courts. In an outdoor environment, it is expected that a pickleball game will be played most probably on the tennis court or any other rough and hard surface.

Thus, outdoor pickleball is much durable and can handle wear and tear. Here we will discuss some of the features of outdoor pickleball as below:

  • It is much heavier and is made up of more durable plastic than indoor pickleball.
  • The material and durability of outdoor pickleball ensure their long-lasting feature on hard surfaces.
  • An outdoor pickleball is much heavier than an indoor one and weighs about 0.9 ounces, approximately equal to 25.51 grams.
  • The heavyweight feature of outdoor pickleball allows the players to attain more power behind their hits. It makes the game a little more intense and fast-paced. The extra weight provides the feature that wind cannot affect the ball and game.
  • Outdoor pickleball has more pop and speed and is much louder than indoor pickleball.
  • Outdoor pickleball holds more holes which are about 40 in number. Outdoor pickleball has smaller holes which provide more pop.
  • Outdoor pickleball is not made for smoother surfaces and tends to crack more frequently than indoor ones.
  • The hole diameter of outdoor pickleball is less than the indoor ones. It is so because to resist wind power in an outdoor situation.

Dura Fast 40

Franklin X-40

Onix Fuse G2

They are considered as original pickleball

This is a popular brand of outdoor pickleball

This is also a popular brand of outdoor pickleball

These balls have 40 holes in them which vary in size

They contain single sized holes for consistent flight

They have smaller holes than other outdoor balls

The ball is seamless and weighs about 0.88 ounces

The ball is seamless and weighs about 0.93 ounces

Difference Between Balls for Indoor Pickleball and Balls for Outdoor Pickleball:

Indoor Pickleball Outdoor Pickleball
Indoor pickleball is lighter and softer as compared to outdoor ballsOutdoor pickleball is hard and fast to control.
Indoor pickleball has large holesOutdoor pickleball has smaller holes as compared to indoor pickleball which provides a perfect bounce.
Indoor pickleball is softer and easier to controlOutdoor pickleball is hard in structure.
Indoor pickleball rarely crack when used in the indoor environmentOutdoor pickleball is designed to be less affected by wind and heats up in unfavourable weather conditions.
Indoor pickleball weighs 0.8 ouncesOutdoor pickleball weighs about 0.88 ounces.
The colour of indoor pickleball varies in which white, yellow and lime green are the top three colours.The colour of outdoor pickleball varies in which white, ad orange is the most frequently used colours.

The Best Balls Used in Pickleball:

NewFit True2 Pickleball Balls:

What Kind of Ball is Used in Pickleball
Sport TypePickleball
Item diameter2.87 inches
BrandNewest sports
  • NewFit True 2 Pickleball balls are considered one of the long-lasting pickleball. Manufactured by brand, Newest sports, they are manufactured through an advanced process which allows the player to play for a longer time giving a hard play.
  • This pickleball lasts longer than usual and can maintain its shape well even on a fast and hard-hitting play.
  • This category of pickleball is made up of a blend of plastics which delivers the most consistent bounce on every shot. This pickleball’s ideal weight and pattern provide a perfect picture in each game.
  • More than 40 drilled holes in this pickleball category helps them resist wind. Besides being lighter in weight, this pickleball is easy to carry.

Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleballs:

What Kind of Ball is Used in Pickleball
Sport TypePickleball
ColourOptic yellow
Item Diameter1 inch
BrandFranklin sports
  • Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleball are also a good option to consider when selecting a pickleball. They also contain more than 40 machines drilled holes, providing a balanced flight pattern.
  • Being lighter in weight, size and diameter, this pickleball provides a good play to its outdoor pickleball game.
  • The rotational moulding of these pickleball enables them to last longer than usual and are the best fit for outdoor tournament pickleball play.

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls:

What Kind of Ball is Used in Pickleball
Sport TypePickleball
  • Onix pure 2 outdoor pickleball is best for extreme outdoor conditions and weighs heavier.
  • They provide a consistent bounce due to their more holes and authentic bounce during a game.
  • These pickleball offers great durability and resists splitting—the precise-drilled holes in these strategically aligned pickleball offer superior balance.
  • This pickleball is considered best for a sanctioned tournament play of pickleball.

FILA Accessories Pickleball Balls:

What Kind of Ball is Used in Pickleball
Sports TypePickleball
BrandFILA Accessories
  • FILA Accessories Pickleball balls are considered one of the most demanded outdoor pickleball having a bright green colour. This feature makes the balls easily spotted during outdoor games and under natural light.
  • There are about 40 holes in it. It makes the ball durable and wind-resistant and provides true bounce and play between the players.
  • These balls hold durable construction, provide greater hit lengths that can withstand the force with superior flight technology, and are suitable for all play levels. Those play levels can be from beginners to an advanced stage.
  • This pickleball holds the weight of 26 grams which is considered a standard size for any competitive game.

USAPA Approved Balls

Pickleball is a game played with great enthusiasm and requires some best pickleball for playing the game. USA pickleball association tested and approved top fifty balls from a wide collection that can be used for playing indoor and outdoor.

An official ball that can be used easily in a pickleball game must be plastic, holding a diameter between 2.874 to 2.972 inches. The ball should be of a single colour in which yellow is the most popular colour along with green, white and orange too.

Get the full equipment list here.

USAPA Approved Balls List:







Ball boys

Velocity 40

Green, Yellow

Champion sports

Injection moulded outdoor ball



Tour 40


Franklin Sports Inc.

X-40 Outdoor ball

Pink and Yellow

Gamma sports

Photon Outdoor ball


Gamma sports

Photon Indoor ball


Jugs Inc.

26 Hole Indoor ball

Green and White


Monarch indoor ball



Monarch outdoor ball


Onix pickleball

Fuse outdoor ball


Onix pickleball

Fuse G2 Outdoor pickleball

Neon Green and Yellow

Pickleball inc.

Dura fast 40 outdoor ball

Green and Yellow

Uniker sports

Uniker ace 40 outdoor ball


Specifications of Balls Used in Pickleball:

Here are some of the critical details associated with pickleball as below:

  • Pickleball is made of durable material with a non-textured and smooth surface.
  • These balls have a seam, but this does not impact their flight characteristics.
  • These balls are 2.87 to 2.97 inches in diameter.
  • These balls weigh about 0.78-0.935 ounces.
  • These balls provide a bounce of 30 to 34 inches to the top of the ball when they are dropped from a height.
  • These balls provide the hardness of 40 to 50 on a D scale when the ambient temperature of 75-80 degrees F is adjusted.
  • These balls have a maximum of 40 holes and a minimum of 26 holes.
  • According to their manufacturers, the name and logo are embossed on the surface of balls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What kind of balls can be used for playing pickleball?

Usually, DURA Outdoor Pickleball is used for playing pickleball. They are made up of seamless plastic waffle balls explicitly designed for pickleball. They are designed in a specific way that helps them perform well in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Is pickleball the same as Whiffle balls?

Both the pickleball and whiffle ball are made up of hard plastic. The size of both the balls is identical, which is under 3 inches in diameter. Pickleball is slightly heavier than a whiffle ball.

Can pickleball be played with a tennis ball?

Pickleball is played with a specific set of plastic balls containing perforated holes inside them.

What kind of material is used in manufacturing pickleball?

Pickleball is made up of lighter plastic. It has a varying level of durability and includes drilled holes in it. The indoor pickleball is made up of smoother and softer plastic.

Is the ball used in pickleball considered the same as a paddle ball?

The ball used in pickleball is a small plastic ball that appears similar to a whiffle ball. On the other hand, paddle tennis balls are depressurized tennis balls made of rubber.

Is pickleball a giant ball just like a tennis ball?

Pickleball is much different from tennis balls. They are small, round in three inches in diameter, and made plastic.

How can a person play pickleball?

Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines tennis, badminton, and Ping-Pong. This sport can be played as doubles or singles and played indoors and outdoors.

Can we play pickleball on the grass?

Pickleball is played chiefly on hard surfaces like a tennis court. Pickleball can also be played on grass, giving a more casual version.

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