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Why Pickleball Is The Sport of The Year?

Why Pickleball Is The Sport of The Year?

Pickleball is not just a fad, it is the sport of the year. With more than 1 million players in the US alone, it has been called “the fastest-growing sport in America.” Why pickleball is the sport of the year?

Pickleball is the sport of the year since it is ideal for all skill levels. This game inculcates a healthy environment and is an affordable and popular choice, especially among senior citizens. This game has minimum rules and is easy to learn, acquiring the status of sport of the year. 

Pickleball is a game that is rising high in popularity and has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the regions of the United States of America. It is a decade-old game and includes simple rules. Pickleball is a mixture of three racquet sports, including badminton, tennis, and ping pong played with a plastic ball having holes in it with a paddle. It is a fair game for people of all age groups.

Why Pickleball is The Sport of The Year?:

Pickleball is a game that was invented on an island near Seattle in the year 1965. This game includes a unique set of rules in which the entire game is played to the score of 11 with a pickleball and a paddle. The ball is roughly half of the tennis ball and has holes in it.

Pickleball can be played in the form of the doubles and singles categories on a pickleball court. Pickleball includes the term volleying that is attempted in the kitchen zone. A team can only score the points in the pickleball if they are from the service team.

The low profile of the pickleball game and its easy rules have made it more accessible to people of all age groups, and it has been given the title of the sport of the year. 

This game is always ended up somewhat and is a racquet sport that is highly appreciated among the families and friends residing side by side. It is one of the social activities that can be played on any surface area, and its high availability has made it the sport of the year.

Reason Why Pickleball is The Sport of The Year


Easy to learn

  • Pickleball can be learned quickly, and its rules can be implemented in the game without any practice. The seasoned players find it a perfect source of entertainment, while the professional players take this game to the level of tournaments and competitions.

  • It is easy to hit the pickleball and get into the game compared to tennis, in which a proper hit and energy are required to keep the ball at pace.

  • A person can learn the rules of pickleball within a few hours, and it can be played on small courts and even in the backyard or lawn of your house.

Minimal space and equipment

  • Pickleball is a racquet sport that can be played on any court, including the tennis court, badminton court, or even on the pickleball court. The pickleball courts are sometimes less in number, so tennis courts are transformed into the pickleball court four times larger in size.

  • You can also utilize your backyard for playing pickleball if there is no court available near your place. Just draw and divide the lines and zones according to the game rules, and you are ready to start the game.

  • There is no need for special equipment and tools for playing pickleball. You just need a pickleball and a paddle, and you are ready to go on the court.

  • The equipment for this game, including the paddle and pickleball, are available easily and can be afforded by any player. The pickleball being light in weight and small in size is easy to handle and carry along with other items.

A unique set of rules

  • Although considered a game evolving through a fusion of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, Pickleball still does not have the same rules as these games. Pickleball has its own set of rules implemented in the game for fair play. The principal regulations include the law of the non-volley zone and the double-bounce rule.

  • Non-volley zone is also called a kitchen line which is a zone created for the players in a pickleball game. The double bounce rule allows the rallies in the game to last longer than usual. Such unique rules make this game more enjoyable and exciting.

Affordable game

  • Pickleball is the most affordable game that can be played by people of all age groups and is highly appreciated among individuals of older age. There is no need to spend heaps of amount on the equipment for this game.

  • You just need a simple paddle with a pickleball, and you can start the pickleball game. These paddles and pickleballs can cost you less than $30, and if you want a good quality paddle, you can purchase it within the range of $50.


  • Pickleball is not only confined to professional players. It is a game that can be easily played among families and neighbours as a source of entertainment. You can incorporate pickleball at your family get-togethers to create an environment of entertainment, fun, and joy, along with the healthy game incorporation into your lives.

  • This game is family-friendly and can be played by people of all age groups, including women and older adults. This game enhances the health benefits and is helpful for health, and keeps away the body from the diseases like cardiovascular diseases. This game is easy on joints as it does not require much running.

The popularity of Pickleball:

Pickleball is entitled the sport of the year, and there are various reasons behind its popularity. Some of the main reasons, according to the USAPA, why pickleball sport is given the title of the mark of the year are as follows:

  1. Perfect for all skill levels
  2. A good social activity
  3. A healthy game environment
  4. Perfect for entertainment

1. Perfect for All Skill Levels:

Pickleball game holds unique rules that are easy to learn, and anyone can practically implement them in the game. If you are a beginner, you can easily enjoy this sport with its new rules and tips. The seasoned players demand a competitive play and make it enjoyable by organizing tournaments and competitions among other players and teams.

Does Pickleball Require Running?

2. A Good Social Activity:

A Pickleball game is considered a perfect social activity and is best for those players who love interacting socially with new people. This game allows the players to come closer to each other and helps them interact with them on their level.

This game requires a small court and can even be played on a tennis or badminton court in case of a shortage of pickleball courts. This game requires less running and helps develop a bond among players, especially in the doubles category.
It is a fun workout that you can adopt during your outing and visiting a particular place with your family. This interaction helps to share cheers and laughter and plays a vital role in reducing stress. 

This game provides an opportunity to make new friends in the form of teammates or players and helps to establish some genuine contacts with others. This game is also played at the professional level where experienced players arrange some leagues and tournaments in which people compete with other players in the form of a community.

3. A Healthy Game Environment: 

Why Pickleball Is The Sport of The Year

Pickleball is an excellent game that focuses on the health benefits of the player. It provides a healthy environment for the players to play without any negative demerit to health. Pickleball is excellent for cardiovascular health and puts less strain on the body.

It helps achieve a state of balance, agility, and reflexes and allows hand-eye coordination. This game is an alternative for the players who are senior citizens and cannot put their knees, shoulders, and legs into pain due to joint problems. This game is perfect for them as it requires less running.

Pickleball involves unique but simple rules that help exercise the body and the mind. This game helps to boost immunity and lowers blood pressure. The body keeps in movement due to this light aerobic exercise which helps to relax the muscles.

4. The Perfect Source of Entertainment:

Pickleball is considered a perfect source of entertainment and enjoyment. It is not only confined to just attempting scores and struggling to win competitions and tournaments.

This game teaches a sense of recreational ability in a person and helps it engage everyone as it is a social activity. This game is an affordable choice for players that can be played outdoor and in indoor settings.

You can play it in the parks and other recreational departments that can be transformed into pickleball courts, including the tennis or badminton courts.

You can spend your summers easily in an outdoor setting and the indoor setting by playing pickleball. It is a new game that everyone can learn as a new skill in their spare time, like during the summer holidays.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is pickleball a popular game?

Pickleball is an affordable choice and is becoming a popular one among the residents of America. This game is becoming popular as it can be played in indoor and outdoor settings and is an accessible option for all types.

Is pickleball becoming the fastest-growing sport in the entire world?

Pickleball is becoming one of the fastest-growing sports globally due to its straightforward rules. It is a combination of badminton, ping pong, and tennis and is played among the players and people who find racquet sports difficult for their knees.

Is pickleball becoming the fastest growing racquet-based sport in the United States?

Pickleball is becoming the fastest-growing racquet-based sport in the entire United States. The popularity of this game has increased to more than 40 per cent in the last two years and is a mashup of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton.

Why is pickleball considered a good sport?

Pickleball is regarded as a good sport as it provides a series of aerobic workouts and puts less stress on joints and muscles. The endorphins are released to elevate self-esteem to combat depression, which is a severe problem in people of older age.

Is pickleball considered a new category of sports?

Pickleball is a unique sport as compared to tennis and badminton. It was introduced in 1965 and is a tennis, badminton, and ping pong mashup. It is majorly played with a paddle and a perforated plastic ball.

Does pickleball come under the category of college sports?

Yes, pickleball is also recognized as a college sport and helps build athletic abilities in the students.

Is pickleball considered a competitive sport?

Pickleball game is created for people of all age groups and skill levels. It is an easy game with simple rules that beginners can learn quickly. It can develop into a competitive match for the experienced players in this sport.

Is pickleball considered an Olympic sport?

Pickleball has currently not been given the status of an Olympic sport. It is played worldwide, especially in the regions of the United States but is not an Olympic sport.

Which sport is considered more popular: Tennis or pickleball sport?

Tennis is a sport played as an International one and is also a part of the Olympics. Pickleball is also played as an International sport but is not a part of the Olympics and is a new game compared to it. So tennis is a more popular game than pickleball.

Do only athletic persons play the pickleball game?

It is not compulsory to have an athletic background to play a pickleball game. Any sports player who has experience playing racquet sports can quickly improve their game in pickleball.