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Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Pickleball?

Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Pickleball?

Are you wondering whether you can wear running shoes to play pickleball? I’m going to discuss the point in this article. Sports shoes are an essential part of our outfit for playing a game smoothly. The question arises: Can I wear running shoes to play pickleball?

Pickleball can be played with running shoes as they are light-weighted and provide less support on the sides. They are perfect, especially for people suffering from joint pain. Running shoes are flexible and provide excellent grip on indoor and outdoor pickleball courts and prevent slipping.

It is difficult to select the best athletic shoes for the pickleball game. Some athletic shoes offer the best grip but are heavy. Some are light in weight but do not provide much grip on courts and outdoor environments.

Pickleball is a sport that is gaining fame as an easy sport worldwide. There are various equipment and rules required for playing every game. Like all, pickleball also requires special equipment compared with tennis racquets and balls.

Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Pickleball?

Running shoes are designed for games that require less or extensive running. Pickleball also requires some running, and such shoes can be used for this game. The flexibility and lightweight composition of running shoes make them easy for running in pickleball.

Running shoes had a flaw in that they cannot help move from side to side, so in such a situation, manufacturers add some bulk to the side of the shoes, making them perfect for running.  

Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Pickleball

Types of Shoes to Play Pickleball:

The shoes categorized for pickleball are divided into two categories that will help a player to attain the perfect grip, stability, and structure. These shoes include:

  1. Court shoes
  2. Tennis shoes
Court ShoesTennis Shoes
Court shoes are considered the best ones for the pickleball players. They are designed for athletes and are perfect for court use on an indoor basis.Tennis shoes are the perfect option for outdoor courts. They are designed in a way that can tackle the harsh outer environment.
Court shoes have a rubber sole that provides the grip to play well on the indoor courts without the fear of slipping or sliding.Tennis shoes do not contain the rubber sole but are equipped with a flat sole. There are chances of the tearing of the rubber sole in the outer environment so the sole is made flat in this case.
Court shoes are not bulky like tennis shoes and provide perfect stability on the sides of the shoe.These shoes provide strong stability to the sides of the foot.
They are less expensive than tennis shoes and allow bending at the toe box.These shoes can bend at the toe box like the court shoes.

Choosing the Best Pickleball Shoes:

Like other daily-use items, pickleball shoes should also be purchased with the common characteristics. We cannot select those shoes that are not suitable for us and holds fewer features. It would help if you kept in mind the following characteristics before choosing the pickleball shoes for yourself:

1. Thick and Stiff Sole:

Although the pickleball game is easy on joints and knees, sometimes it requires running and jumping to catch and make the ball at pace. It can lead to putting some stress and strain on the knees of the player, and a good pickleball shoe can cover this all stress.

It is recommended to look for running shoes having a thick and stiff sole, made out of rubber. This kind of shoe and sole provide excellent grip.

2. Ankle Support:

It is recommended to look for ankle support for experiencing the sage changes in movement and direction during the game. In racquet-based sports like pickleball, most of the stress is on the ankle and foot, and there are chances of twisting.

It is advisable to look for a shoe that can help move back and forth without putting stress on ankles and knees in the game.

3. Light Sole:

Look for the shoes having a light sole. It helps the player to move around in an easy way across the court. There are chances of bending with the heavy sole, and it becomes difficult to run. Pickleball is a fast-paced sport, and a player can easily change their directions with a light sole placed under their shoes.

4. Non-Marking Shoes:

It is necessary to look for the non-marking feature in your shoes if you purchase them for your pickleball game. The owners of an indoor pickleball court do not allow the players to enter a court that is not equipped with a non-marking sole.

The shoes lacking the non-marking sole can ruin the court, and it becomes difficult for other players to play on such a court.

5. Weight of the Shoe:

It is recommended to prioritize the weight of the shoe before purchasing them for the pickleball game. The weight of the shoe depends on the size of your shoe material.

Some tennis shoes weigh up to one pound, while some volleyball shoes are less than 9 oz in weight. A heavy shoe supports running on the court, but a lightweight shoe prevents the ankle from injuries.

Extending the Life of Pickleball Shoes:

Proper usage of shoesThe major reason behind the damage to shoes is the inappropriate usage of shoes during wearing and pulling them off.

It is a common practice to pull the shoes without unlacing them. People tend to shove their foot in the shoe which can misshape the heel collar of the shoe. This can pull apart the stitching and glue of the shoe leading to damage.
No machine washingIt is advisable to clean your shoes with a soft scrub and brush. You can also use a damp cloth or a soap to remove the excess debris from the shoe.

Machine washing leads to the destruction of shoes as such washing is done at high speed.
Air-drying the shoesTry to avoid all such methods for drying the shoes that use direct heat in their method. The direct heat from sources like radiators or electric dryers can dry out the adhesives of the shoe that hold them together.

It can lead to the development of cracks in shoes. Let the shoes dry out in a natural way or you can use newspaper balls that hold the ability to absorb the excess moisture from the inner side of the shoes.
Proper storage of shoesThe life span of shoes depends on the method of storage and placement. The professional players keep a sports bag with them to hold all their pickleball equipment including their shoes.

The placement of shoes for a longer time in such bad can create humidity so take them out when you reach home.

Top 5 Best Pickleball Shoes:

1. Outdoor Adidas Barricade Shoes:

Features of this Product:

  • These shoes provide some best features that make them an excellent choice for playing pickleball games. These shoes provide extra comfort and adjustment to feet according to their shape. There is an extra soft knit in the shoe’s upper region, and the toe box area is helpful for people with wide feet.
  • The upper and interior regions of shoes are made with the best material that adds more lifespan to the product. The outer upper part is made up of abrasion-resistant stuff named Adituff. It is used on the outer side and around the toe box for preventing excessive wear.
  • The inner side of the shoe is composed of foam insoles that provide relaxation to the foot through cushioning. These shoe insoles are removable, so you can take them out if you are not comfortable with them.
Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Pickleball
These shoes offer excellent durability features due to the outer abrasion-resistant stuff.Although this pair of shoes offers a lot of excellent features, still they are considered to cause fatigue.
These shoes offer a comfortable feeling and have an ankle collar for providing support to the heel.The reason behind fatigue is their heavy size. It is estimated that these shoes weigh about 15 ounces and are considered heavy shoes.

2. New Balance 796 V2 Shoes:

Features of This Product:

The Indoor K-Swiss Hypercourt shoes are the best option for those having wide feet. These shoes are noticeably heavier than other shoes and are sometimes chunky to feel on the courts. These shoes are available in different colors, and players can select the shoes according to their favorite colors.

Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Pickleball
These shoes provide the feeling of a solid shoeThe toe box of this shoe is narrow and pointed than the other shoes.
They offer a good ventilation system due to their mesh blend feature.These shoes lack cushioned comfort and do not provide the feeling of comfort like other shoes.
These shoes provide good traction due to their patterned sole and are durable. 

3. Outdoor Asics Gel Resolution Shoes:

Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Pickleball

Features of This Product:

  • These shoes are considered the most affordable and the best option for playing pickleball.
  • They offer one of the best quality and comfort that any player demands in their shoe.
  • They offer a gel product line that improves its quality. The new versions of these shoes are more comfortable than the older models.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What kind of shoes can a player wear to play a pickleball game?

Tennis shoes and court shoes are the best picks for a pickleball game. These shoes provide great comfort, ankle support, and grip. They are made of rubber soles and hold a tread pattern conducive to lateral movements.

Do pickleball game requires special shoes for playing the game?

Pickleball game requires simple running or court shoes for pickleball due to two dominant reasons: These shoes are for playing pickleball and are stable. These shoes provide excellent grip on the court and are for lateral movements.

Are the cross-training shoes perfect for playing pickleball?

The choice of shoes for playing a pickleball game depends on the player’s choice. You can play the game with the cross-trainer shoe and with running shoes. The commercial sports and cross-trainer shoes are perfect and adequate for playing pickleball.

What is the difference between pickleball and tennis shoes?

There is no difference between tennis and pickleball shoes. Both are sports-based shoes with excellent grip and sole. The only difference that exists is in their name.

Can a player wear tennis shoes for playing pickleball?

A player can wear any shoes for playing this game. Court shoes are recommended due to their tread pattern and lateral and side movement.

Is it okay to wear the indoor court shoes outside for playing pickleball?

It is not okay to wear indoor court shoes for playing the game outside. The indoor shoes are designed for indoor surfaces and do not provide you the advantages like the outdoor shoes. You should wear the outdoor shoes on the concrete or outer environment as they are made for such surfaces.

Is it okay to wear the volley shoes for running during a game?

It is advisable not to wear the volley shoes for running. Shoes designed for playing volleyball are specifically designed for this game and have different characteristics. These shoes can hurt you if you run several miles with them.

Are the running shoes considered non-marking ones?

It is advisable to avoid wearing non-marking shoes in an outdoor environment. These shoes are not suitable for hard and rough surfaces. It would help if you used specific running shoes for such aspects.

What is the major difference between running shoes and volleyball shoes?

The difference between the volleyball shoes and running shoes is the difference in their soles and weight. The shoes designed for volleyball game allows the player to move according to the demand of the game. These shoes are light-weighted.  

Why are the Asics shoes considered so good for athletes?

The Asics shoes are manufactured by an athletic gear company known for producing high-quality running shoes for athletes. These shoes provide comfortable support and fit feet and are best for distance runners.

How much can the long-running shoes last?

Long-running shoes can last between 300 and 500 miles for a person for four to six months who have the habit of running for about 20 miles.

Are the cheap running shoes better than the expensive ones?

It is not a hit-and-fast rule that expensive shoes used for running are the best ones, and cheap shoes do not perform well.

The main thing is the comfort and balance provided by the shoes. There are expensive shoes that do not provide comfort to the feet, and contrary to this, cheap shoes provide an excellent balance to the feet.