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Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis? All You Need to Know

Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis? All You Need to Know

Pickleball is an emerging game that is played all around the world, especially in the United States. Pickleball is often compared with tennis according to the equipment and regulations. It is often termed that pickleball is easier than tennis in many aspects; but is that true? Is pickleball easier than tennis?

Pickleball is typically easier than tennis in terms of ease and physical exertion. Because of the court size difference, tennis can be more physically demanding than pickleball. In addition, the smaller court and lighter ball used in pickleball make it easier to reach the ball and keep it in play.

Pickleball has a friendly nature, while tennis is a very aggressive and intense sport. However, tennis is still more widely accepted by people who love sports; the reason is that tennis is an older game that involves proper physical exertion, unlike pickleball. Tennis requires correct bend for many shots, which is difficult for the lower back. Pickleball is easier on the body than tennis and does not come without its strains.  

People of almost every age can usually play Tennis and Pickleball since both of these sports are almost identical to each other. If we talk about terms of ease in both games, it is said that pickleball wins the draw. The primary reason is that pickleball is a relatively less aggressive sport than tennis. Pickleball involves fewer chances of a player getting injured, thus having fewer risk factors involved in the game.  

Attributes to Determine the Ease of Pickleball and Tennis:

We compare several factors that contribute to the ease of these sports. This would help you evaluate which is easier to play and how this can be determined.

1. Nature of the Game:

We observe that pickleball is typically frantic, loud, and is often accompanied by music. It is a type of game that people prefer to play in their leisure time to spend quality time with their families, while on the other hand, tennis is an aggressive and intense type of sport. We can never say it is an easy sport to play when it comes to tennis. Tennis requires a lot of practice and hard work to improve sports skills. 

2. Ease of the Game:

We observe that pickleball can easily be played on indoor basketball or volleyball courts. It means pickleball is a type of sport that isn’t violent and can be played quickly, within the numbered circumstances. Numbered circumstances mean this sport does not require good surroundings or a proper dedicated field or court if one wishes to play. If we talk about tennis, then it is mandatory to have a dedicated court, which should have a specified diameter to play this sport. 

3. Hitting Capacity of the Games

We get to see balls hit hard on people’s bodies on purpose in pickleball. It means pickleball is a friendly-natured game in which the players are well aware of the moves played by the opponents. Even if the balls in this game are hit hard on the bodies, on purpose, this does not result in any injury or such other thing.

However, on the other hand, in tennis, balls are hit hard so that the opponent misses the shot and misses the score eventually. It means that while playing tennis, the players are prone to any injury, either muscular or any other, that may occur while playing this game.

This little comparison between these two sports stated above would make it easier for the reader to determine a just and fair comparison.

Tennis Or PickleballWhich Sport is Easier to Play?

Pickleball may be a less demanding sport than tennis, but it’s still difficult to get started. The nature of the game makes it easier on you – while playing pickleball, there are no worries about wild throws or accidents with balls going everywhere; instead, everything happens in one place, which means more control over your fate!

Also, pickleball isn’t an intense physical activity like tennis (which requires lots o’ energy); people who don’t enjoy exercising will likely find themselves drawn towards pickleball games.

Criteria of Easiness Between Pickleball and Tennis:





  • When we talk about movement, then pickleball is an easier game.

  • Pickleball is a prompt game and falls on the same ground of agility as tennis.

  • Tennis is not an easy game as it requires a lot of movement and swiftness.

  • Tennis is played on bigger courts as compared to pickleball so more movement is demanded along with back and forth shots.


  • Shot placement matters in pickleball as compared to tennis and power-hitting is just a misconception.

  • Well-placed shots in pickleball can win to points.

  • Back and forth shots are more in tennis as compared to pickleball.

Physical Fitness

  • Pickleball requires less physical fitness as the courts are smaller than tennis courts. It saves a lot of energy.

  • The shot placement and overall technique are not simple in pickleball and during a singles game, a lot of fitness is required for covering the distance.

  • Tennis is a game that requires more physical fitness as compared to pickleball.

Complexity Level

  • It is said that pickleball and tennis are almost equal in complexity with pickleball but have a slight edge. A Pickleball game is often lost due to unforced errors and is a frustrating game as compared to tennis.

  • In pickleball, a player must contend with no volley zone and requires to stay at a certain distance from the net while hitting the volley.

  • Tennis is less frustrating and double faults are avoided.

Intensity and Injuries

  • Pickleball is not as physically as demanding play and is less intense.

  • There are definitely fewer injuries as pickleball requires less movement and is played at the same pace resulting in fewer injuries than tennis.

  • Tennis requires more movement and the player has to run in all possible directions. There are more risks of outstretching whenever a player tries to hit a shot that is at distance.

Is Pickleball Easier to Learn Than Tennis?

Above, we have discussed how Pickleball is more accessible to play than Tennis. Carrying this topic, if we talk about the initial stages of a player when a person is trying to learn how to play a sport, would that person face ease in learning to play tennis, or would that person face ease in learning to play pickleball. Another question would eventually determine which of them is easier to play on the athletes. 

If we talk about ease of learning in these two sports, we will need to look back at both of these patterns. It is observed that Pickleball requires less aggressive movements of the player. Pickleball has a small court and does not require the player to make bold moves in the court while playing.

The player is well aware of the opponents’ moves, knows how to cater to them, and shoots back in return. While on the other hand, in Tennis, it is seen that the player’s movements are far more than that of pickle ballplayers.

The reason is, Tennis has a more significant court in terms of diameter and area. Other than that, since Tennis is an aggressive sport, the player has to make more movements, up and down, to and fro in the court, to save scores. 

Thus, it is evident that when a person starts to learn to play any of these, they will eventually realize that playing Pickleball is relatively easy to play on the body and easy to understand compared to Tennis. 

Growth OF Tennis and Pickleball, Side by Side:

Both these games have evolved themselves over the years. We see both of these games have a rapid following by the general public, and people have their perspectives of choosing any of these two. We’ve tried to draw another comparison between these two to make it easier for the reader to determine their choice. 

On the other hand, Pickleball is not as rapidly followed and accepted by people the way Tennis is.

  • Tennis is a widely accepted international sport in the Olympics, held every four years. At the same time, Pickleball, despite its growing popularity, has still not gained global acceptance compared to Tennis.
  • Pickleball is played for fun by people who love to spend quality recreational activities with their families. At the same time, Tennis is a sport which isn’t just played for leisure purposes.

Pros and Cons of Pickleball Over Tennis:

Pros of Playing Pickleball over TennisCons to Playing Pickleball over Tennis
Precision is the main thing that pickleball has over tennis players. Precision is achieved by using specific varying hitting techniques.Pickleball is a slower-paced game as compared to tennis and if you are an avid tennis player then this game is not for you.
It is hard to ensure accuracy due to the lightness of the ball. Every hit has to be thought out and has to count.Other than the slow pace of pickleball, the player positioning also impacts a competitive tennis player.
Pickleball helps and teaches the players who may have never played tennis before how to choose the type of shot to take.The ball is light and it does not have the same range as a tennis ball. Most of the games take place by the nets. Anyone who is an avid tennis player holds a con about pickleball that minimal power is required to hit the ball.
It is important that players know whether to do a drop, finessed, or angled shot which are a few key strategic moves helping a new pickleball player.The game is played around all corners and sometimes requires back and forth running in tennis. No part of the court is off-limits in tennis while in pickleball a simple tap is enough to rally the whiffle ball to another team.

Differences between Tennis and Pickleball:

Pickleball is a sport which can be played anywhere even on a basketball or volleyball court too.Tennis cannot be played anywhere. A specific court is required for playing tennis as it is a professional game.
In pickleball, all the game is underhand.In tennis, you can overhand or backhand while hitting the ball.
Pickleball is a sport that can be played in pairs.Tennis is a sport which can be played in singles as well as in the doubles category.
In pickleball sport, a player can continue to serve as long as serves of the players are good and help in getting the points.The serves in tennis alternates in between the teams.

Health Benefits of Pickleball and Tennis:

Whenever we talk about sport, the first thing that comes to our mind is physical fitness. No sport is complete without providing physical fitness to the player. Along with physical fitness comes the passion for sports. Keeping in mind the health benefits of both of these sports, one can determine which sports they will play.

If we talk about the health benefits, it is evident that tennis involves a lot more cardio than pickleball. The reason, as already discussed above, is that tennis is undoubtedly an aggressive sport, requires more swift movements in the court, and takes the player towards greater exertion.

Keeping this in mind, it is also prudent that the player has to make themself prepared for physical injuries. It is very commonly seen that tennis players are more likely to develop shoulder joint injuries than those who play pickleball.

The reason is, in tennis, aggressive movements above the arm are required to play effective shots against the opponent, while in pickleball, most of the shots usually stay below the waist and are not as aggressive as those in tennis. 

It is said that people who used to play tennis initially are happily switching themselves towards pickleball now. Most of those people state that they were facing a breakdown of their bodies, which resulted from the aggressive movements in tennis. After switching towards pickleball, they found it an exciting and healthy game, much easier to play because of its similarities and less aggressiveness. 

Even though pickleball is much easier to play than tennis, it also comes with strains that might occur in a player. The players need to bend down and play the shots effectively, which might be difficult for the lower back of the players. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which sport is easier to play; pickleball or tennis?

Pickleball is easier on the body as compared to tennis. It does not come without its strains. Both sports require the players to bend down for various difficult shots on the lower back and knees. 

How does is the sport pickleball compared to tennis?

Pickleball is compared with tennis, but there is still a significant difference in both games. A player can serve underhand in pickleball as the ball has less bounce. There is no double alley in pickleball, and there is a no-volley zone called the kitchen, which extends from the net.

Is pickleball sport easier than tennis for kids?

Pickleball courts are smaller than tennis courts, approximately 1/3rd in size. It is easy for the kids to learn and play the game than tennis. 

Is pickleball sport more like tennis or ping pong?

Pickleball is a sport that is a combination of badminton, tennis, and ping pong games. This sport can be played indoors and outdoors, a badminton-sized court. Players can use a paddle instead of a racket for playing this game.

Is pickleball sport bad for tennis games?

Pickleball sport can help in the tennis game to some extent. There are many potential benefits of playing this game, particularly net-based games. It helps in improving hand-eye coordination, which eventually helps in tennis.

Can pickleball games replace the tennis sport?

Pickleball is a step-down sport, and many former tennis players transitioned to this lower-impact sport in their life. These games can easily coexist in the same club and even in the same courts.

Is pickleball considered a game or sport?

Pickleball is regarded as a sport that is played using a paddle. It is a combination of badminton, tennis, and ping pong. It is played with a paddle with holes in it. It is a sport which is appropriate for almost people of all ages and skill levels.

Is much running required in pickleball sport?

Players usually run less in pickleball than tennis because of the small court and double game standards.