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Is Pickleball a Fad? All You Want to Know

Is Pickleball a Fad? All You Want to Know

Pickleball has attained the status of one of the most prevailing sports in the world within a short period. This game holds easy rules and regulations that have made it a famous and lovely game among people, but it is also said that pickleball is a fad. I’ll discuss in this article: Is pickleball a fad?

Pickleball is not a fad. It has transcended the status of a ‘fad’ game during the pandemic days, but the truth is that it has grown steadily even before the pandemic. The USAPA governing body conducts promotes this sport which is easy to learn and holds specific rules which everyone can follow.

Is Pickleball a Fad?

Pickleball game is considered a fad game, but the truth is not so. It was given the status of a fad game during the pandemic period in which people were confined from playing this game due to lockdown in the regions and courts.

This game holds easy rules and can be played in the backyard. But USA Pickleball Association has arranged various international tournaments for this game, which has given it the status of a global sport and promoted it.

It is a game played highly by people of all age groups, including older adults over 65 years. This game is easy to learn, and the people who started playing it say that they became addicted to it. 

Is Pickleball a Fad
This graph indicates the participation of players in which the number of the year is mentioned on the x-axis and the number of participants is mentioned on the y-axis. The number of pickleball participants has increased over the years and will reach 5 million in 2021.

Players in the pickleball game can hit the ball in a back-and-forth position on the court which is 20 feet by 44 feet in measurement. It is just a third part of the tennis court.

In a pickleball game, the players can score 11 points within a game that can last 15-25 minutes. The player can easily control the game of Pickleball in which the plastic ball is light in weight.

Reasons Why Pickleball Looks Like a Fad

Reasons of becoming Fad


Minimal equipment and less space in courts

  • It is a racquet sport that can be played on tennis and badminton courts along with pickleball courts. Pickleball courts are less in number, so the badminton and tennis courts can be converted into pickleball courts.

  • The home's backyard can also be utilized for playing pickleball if courts are unavailable. No special equipment is required for playing pickleball. A player can enjoy this game with minimal paddle and Wiffle ball equipment, which is affordable for the players.

Easy and unique rules

  • Pickleball is considered a fusion of tennis, ping pong, and badminton, but it still has some different rules. In addition, it has a unique set of regulations implemented in the game to attain fair play.

  • The laws include the non-volley zone and the rule of double bounce. Non-volley zone is a kitchen line which is a zone created for the players to play the game. The law of double bounce allows the rallies to last longer than usual in the game. These exciting rules make the game more unique.

Family-friendly game

  • Pickleball is not only a game confined to professionals. It can be played among families and neighbors and is an excellent source of entertainment. Players can incorporate this game into their family-get-togethers as a source of entertainment, fun, and joy.

  • It can be healthy incorporation into their lives. It is a game played by people of all ages, including older adults and women. Pickleball enhances health benefits, keeps the body from diseases like cardiovascular diseases, and is not hard on joints.

Affordable and enjoyable game

  • Pickleball is an affordable game played by people of all ages and is highly appreciated among senior citizens. Minimal equipment is required for playing this game which makes it highly affordable.

  • Only a simple paddle and a Wiffle ball is required to play this game. Pickleball paddles and Wiffle balls can cost less than $30, but the range can also reach up to $50, according to the equipment's quality.

Appealing game for players

Pickleball is an appealing game for players of all kinds. Professional pickleball players can enjoy this game when they are not competing in international tournaments of their game.

Played in doubles and singles category

Pickleball game is played in the category of singles and doubles too. This is because the courts are built according to both types. This makes it great for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the game.

A great workout

A Pickleball game is also an excellent workout for players and helps them lose weight. A player can burn around 350 calories per hour by playing this game, which is a kind of exercise for players.

Why is Pickleball Becoming So Famous All Around the World?

Pickleball has been entitled as the ‘Sport of the year.’ There are various reasons behind the popularity of this game in which USAPA has enlisted some reasons which have marked it as the best sport of the year. The reasons are:

  1. A perfect game for all skill levels
  2. An excellent social activity
  3. A healthy game
  4. A good source of entertainment

1. A Perfect Game for All Skill Levels:

Pickleball is a game that holds a unique set of rules which are easy to learn and implement in the game. Therefore, anyone can practically implement them in their game, even beginners.

This sport has new rules and tips that make it a competitive and enjoyable game. However, it can be a challenging game among the players and teams during tournaments and competitions.

2. An Excellent Social Activity:

Pickleball game is an excellent social activity for those players who love to interact socially with new kinds of people. In this game, the players come close to each other, which helps them to interact with others on the same level.

Pickleball can be played on a small pickleball court, or in case of its absence, it can be played on tennis and badminton courts too. There is less running in this game, especially in the doubles category, which creates a stronger bond among players.

This game is a source of ultimate entertainment, cheers, and laughter which can be played with family at gatherings. It helps reduce the overall stress among people and provides an opportunity to come closer.

A player can make new friends and teammates in this game and can connect with new people of professional and experienced levels. This helps to build a strong community.

3. A Healthy Game:

Pickleball provides a healthy game environment that focuses significantly on players’ health benefits. As a result, a healthy environment is provided to people without any negative demerit, and it is excellent for health.

This game puts less strain on the player's body and is considered an excellent workout for cardiovascular health. In addition, it helps a player achieve balance, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination with movement.

It is a healthy game for senior citizens as it puts less stress on their joints, shoulders, and knees, requiring less running. In addition, Pickleball has easy rules that keep the body and mind in exercise and a healthy environment.

This game can boost immunity in people and keep their blood pressure at its pace. In addition, this game acts as a light aerobic exercise that helps to relax the body’s muscles.

4. A Good Source of Entertainment:

Pickleball is an excellent source to provide enjoyment and entertainment. This game is not only confined to achieving scores, but it engages a player in the game so they can struggle to win competitions and tournaments.

Players in this game are engaged in the sense of recreational ability and social activity. It is an affordable choice for all players that anyone can enjoy with minimal equipment in indoor and outdoor settings.

Players can enjoy this game in recreational departments and even in parks. There are fewer pickleball courts, so tennis and badminton courts can be transformed into pickleball courts, and this game can be enjoyed easily in such places too.

Where to Learn Pickleball in USA?

Significant Rules of the Pickleball Game:

Here we will discuss some unique rules of the pickleball game that indicates that it is not a fad game and has evolved.

1. The Serve in Pickleball Game:

Is Pickleball a Fad

It is a basic rule of the pickleball game, which cannot be ignored in any case. The players can serve through one-on-one and two-on-two positions. The principles for both positions are the same.

The ball must land in the opposite square of the opponent, and the feet of the player playing the game towards the opponent should be behind the baseline.

Can You Throw Ball Up in Pickleball Serve?
Can You Bounce the Ball Before Serving in Pickleball?

2. The Volley:

Is Pickleball a Fad

The volley is another crucial aspect of pickleball. It indicates that the ball must bounce on both sides of the court after a serve. It should be done before starting the volley. Volley occurs in the game when the players hit the ball back and forth without bouncing the ball.

3. Scoring a Point:

In the pickleball game, only the serving side is allowed to score. When the ball lands out of bounds, it bounces twice on the opponent’s side, achieving a side score. If the serving side loses a round, the serve goes to the other team.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is pickleball considered a popular game?

Pickleball is easier to learn compared to tennis and is a slow-paced game. In addition, there is less ground to cover in this game, where a person can fit four pickleball courts in one tennis court. Research has also proven that the pickleball game is safe for players with heart issues as it requires less running.

Is pickleball still a popular game after the pandemic?

Pickleball is still a popular sport after the pandemic, and approximately 6 million players play this game. Moreover, it is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in America, with which a 21.3% increase was seen from 2019 to 2020.

Which age group of people plays pickleball in vast numbers?

People over the age of 65 years play pickleball mostly as it is not hard on their knees and joints. Moreover, it is one of the most robust growth among young players under 55.

What is the average age of pickleball players according to the media fact sheet?

The average age of pickleball players, according to the media fact sheet, is:

  • Total 28.8% for age group 18-24 years
  • Total 20.4% for age group 35-54 years
  • Total 12% for age group 55-64 years
  • Total 17.6% for age group more than 65 years

In which countries is pickleball played mostly?

Pickleball is played in more than 20 countries, among which the United States is the main. Besides this, it is highly played in Canada, Spain, India, France, England, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Why is pickleball an addictive game?

Pickleball is an addictive game as a player is allowed to seldom get the same shot in a twice way. In addition, it offers the player different heights, speeds, and angles to play the shot and requires practice to yield exercise and fun.

Does the pickleball game replace the tennis sport now?

Pickleball has grabbed the attention of a large audience, and pickleball courts are replacing various tennis courts. More than 5 million players play this game alone in the US only, according to statistics of 2022.

Is pickleball considered a game for old-person?

Pickleball is regarded as an old-person game, but it is not confined to them only. It is a sport that has re-characterized itself as a sport for people of all ages. Everyone can enjoy this game, from juniors to seniors too old age persons.