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Do Pickleball Paddles Matter? All You Need to Know

Do Pickleball Paddles Matter? All You Need to Know

The pickleball paddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the game. It is used to hit the ball over the net and can make a huge difference in your game. Pickleball paddles come in different shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to know which one will work best for you. In this article, we will discuss: Do pickleball paddles matter?

The pickleball games largely depend on the paddle. A pickleball paddle lighter in weight provides more control in the game and less drive. The heavy paddles provide less control in the game but excellent drive and power, so paddles matter a lot for the game.

The popularity of the pickleball game has risen in the past years. People are demanding in the matter of equipment for playing the sports. Whether there is a newbie or a professional player, everyone demands an excellent brand and type of paddle for their pickleball game.

It is a dilemma to pick out the best paddle among various brands. So here, we will discuss some of the factors that will help you choose the best pickleball paddle for your game, as a pickleball paddle matters a lot for fair gameplay.

Factors Behind Selecting the Pickleball Paddle:

The factors which a player should keep in mind while purchasing a pickleball paddle are:

  1. Weight of the paddle
  2. Material of the paddle
  3. Body of the paddle
  4. Size of grip
  5. Color of the paddle

1. Weight of The Paddle: 

It is the first factor the player should keep in mind while selecting the pickleball paddle. An average pickleball paddle weighs between 4-14 ounces.

Paddles can be heavy and light in weight, among which the heavy pickleball paddle can drive the ball in a better way. Light pickleball paddles provide more control over the ball.

Division of Pickleball Paddles According to Weight:

The pickleball paddles are divided into three categories according to their weight:

  • Light-weight paddles (weighs less than 7.2oz)
  • Mid-weight paddles (weighs in between 7.8-8.4oz)
  • Heavy-weight paddles (weighs more than 8.5oz)

Lightweight Pickleball Paddles:

Lightweight pickleball paddles are easy to swing and are accurate in their movement. These paddles do not make a person feel tired and are known best for their control.

These paddles are considered an excellent choice for those who prefer to play drop and dink shots. Lightweight paddles provide a fast response when a ball is blasted at the player, but they offer less power than other pickleball paddles.

Pros of Lightweight Pickleball Paddles

Cons of Lightweight Pickleball Paddles

Lightweight pickleball paddles provide an increased ball control.

Lightweight pickleball paddles has reduced power and drive.

These paddles provide better maneuverability.

These paddles lack the strong swing that is required for the gameplay.

These paddles offer less stress on the elbow and shoulders.

It is hard to hit a long shot with these paddles

Mid-Weight Pickleball Paddles:

If you are unsure which pickleball paddle is right; you can opt for a mid-weight pickleball paddle.

Players of all levels can use this paddle as they offer an excellent combination of power and control. These paddles are neither too heavy nor too light and are a good choice for the players engaging in all sorts of situations.

Heavyweight Pickleball Paddles:

Heavy-weight pickleball paddles offer power over control and help a player generate more pop on the pickleball. This paddle allows the player to swing the paddle a fast way. The player requires much effort to paddle up to the maximum speed, and such power comes from the expense of some control.

Pros of Heavy-Weight Pickleball Paddles

Cons of Heavy-Weight Pickleball Paddle

Heavy-weight pickleball paddles offer more power for the gameplay.

Heavy-weight pickleball paddle place more stress on the injuries especially on the elbow area.

These paddles offer less effort to the players in hitting the ball and they can hit the ball hard.

These paddles require less control and a slow swing for the gameplay.

These paddles help the player to hit the ball in a deep and easy way.

A player feels fatigue and tiredness if the game is played with heavy pickleball paddles for a long time.

2. Material of the Pickleball Paddle:

There are three types of materials used in making the pickleball paddles:

  • Wood
  • Graphite
  • Composite material

Traditionally, the pickleball paddles were made from only wood as it was the cheapest option. These paddles were difficult to maintain and spin and were heavy in size.

The graphite paddles were lightweight but were expensive. Composite pickleball paddles are a mixture of wood and graphite paddles used widely for playing the game.

Wood Material:

Traditionally, the players were in the habit of using pickleball paddles made up of wood as they were the cheapest option. If you are a beginner player and want to spend less on the first paddle, this option is the best choice.

Wooden pickleball paddles are usable and are available in an improved version with the addition of safety straps and extra grips that prevent paddles from slipping from the hand. 

Wooden pickleball paddles are a decent option for pickleball equipment in community centers, summer camps, and schools. These paddles are durable and offer less cost in general.

Graphite Material:

Pickleball paddles made up of graphite material are thin, light, but strong paddles and are similar to composite paddles.

These paddles are built with a core of aluminum, polymer, or nomex with a graphite face on both sides of the paddle. A graphite paddle is the best choice if you are a competitive player and want to deliver a quick action.

Composite Material:

Composite pickleball paddles are made with a composite core and a fiberglass or hitting surface of carbon fiber. These paddles are made up of either rigid nylon or aluminum and are popular due to their textured surface. The textured surface makes the ball easily spin on the paddle.

3. Body of the Paddles:

The body of the pickleball paddles is also kept in mind while choosing the best piece for the pickleball game. There are three types of bodies specified for pickleball paddles; elongated and wide-bodied paddles are considered the best ones for the hitting surfaces. The three types of body of pickleball paddles are:

  • Wide-body pickleball paddles
  • Oversized pickleball paddles
  • Elongated pickleball paddles

Wide-Body Pickleball Paddles:

The approved dimensions for pickleball paddle, including the combined length and width, should not exceed 24 inches, as said by the official pickleball regulation.

The length of the paddle cannot exceed the range of 17 inches, and there is no restriction on the thickness of the paddle. The classic shape of the pickleball paddle is the wide-body shape that is approximately 8 inches in width and 15 inches in length.

Oversized Pickleball Paddles:

Nowadays, an extra length is added to the face of the pickleball paddles by the manufacturers who make them oversized paddles.

The length of the pickleball handle is kept short so that the total length of the paddle remains the same within the regulation offered by the pickleball association.

Elongated Pickleball Paddle:

Elongated pickleball paddles are becoming popular in the market, and every brand is competing for this shape as it is more appropriate for experienced players.

The elongated pickleball paddle has an encore blade with minimum face width and maximum pickleball paddle length exceeding up to seventeen inches which is the maximum length for the pickleball paddle that is allowed by USAPA.

4. Size of Grip:

It is an important factor to consider while purchasing a pickleball paddle. Players should get the pickleball paddle with the correct grip size according to their hand. Pickleball paddles with a larger grip provide more stability during the game and reduce the overall pressure on the arms.

The large paddle grips might lead to slipping the paddle from your hand during gameplay. The paddles with small grip sizes provide more control over the ball. These grip sizes allow you to spin at the shots, and it is easy to switch the hands in the game is played with a paddle of small grip size.

If you are purchasing a new pickleball paddle for your game, then go for the one having a small grip size because it is easy to upsize them. The paddles with larger grips are difficult to downsize.

Measuring the Grip Size By Height:


Size of Grip

Less than 5’2’’

Grip of 4 inches

5’3’’ – 5’8’’

Grip of 4-1/8 inches to 4-1/4 inches

5’9’’ or taller

Grip of 4-1/2 inches

5. Color of the Paddle:

If you have an aesthetic nature and are fond of colors, you can go for colored pickleball paddles. You can get a paddle with a distinct color that will help you to trick your opponents at tournaments.

The pickleball paddle’s color selection will give you an advantage and scores in the gameplay and will make it difficult for your opponents to read the shot.

For example, if you are using a pickleball paddle of yellow color, the yellow Pickleball will blend the color, creating unawareness in your opponent to catch the ball.

Some Best Pickleball Paddles:

Here we will discuss some best pickleball paddles having excellent features that make them worthy among the pickleball players, and you can select them without any doubt.

  1. Pickleball paddles by Gonex
  2. Pickleball paddles by Niupipo
  3. Pickleball paddles by Pickleball central

1. Pickleball paddles by Gonex: 

The pickleball paddles by Gonex are approved by USAPA due to their excellent specs and features. These paddles are made of graphite and durable, offering edge protection. These paddles offer a swing strength and accuracy and are easy to carry due to their size.



This paddle has a wide shape that provides more power and control for the shots.

It was complained by the players that this paddle has some dead spots on it. So, it is better to fit those dead spots first if indicated.

It has a polymer based honeycomb composite core that ensures an excellent shot.

This paddle has a printed design on them that can fall off.

This paddle has a low-profile edge guard that protects the paddle from breaking during the ground hits.

The cushioned grip on this paddle provides a soft and comfortable experience for the player.

2. Pickleball Paddles by Niupipo:

The pickleball paddles by Niupipo are made with graphite material having a carbon fiber face. They hold a honeycomb composition and offer an ideal strength level perfect for controlling and hitting the shot with power.



This paddle is considered as the most durable one as it has a robust interior build with a polymer honeycomb that are layered in between a sheet of fiberglass.

This paddle seems a short one for those who have large hands.

The grips on this paddle can absorb sweat and are cushioned providing a comfortable and long-time play.

It does not have some advanced specs so this paddle is not considered the best option for the professional players.

The design of this paddle is suitable for both the beginner players and intermediate players.

This paddle is available only in one color.

3. Pickleball Paddles by Pickleball Central:

The pickleball paddles by the pickleball central are the balance-focused paddles that hold a composite polymer core. These paddles are durable, ensure powerful and smooth hits, and have a large sweet spot that provides a control edge for the ball.



This pickleball paddle has a wide faced that offers edge guard hits in a minimum way. The face of this paddle is textured that enhances the spin and controls the ball.

There is no mention of the type of materials used for constructing this paddle that makes them durable and long-lasting.

It has a large spot area that improves the performance during off-center shots.

Due to no mention of material, people consider that there is no guarantee of the material used in this paddle and its durability.

The weight of this paddle is 7.7 – 8 ounce and is an ideal paddle for players of all levels.

It has a cushioned grip that is designed in an ergonomically way and offers maximum comfort and less slipping from hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do the expensive pickleball paddles are worth it?

If a paddle is expensive in price range, it does not mean its performance is worthy. The professional players agree on the fact that the weight should be kept into consideration while purchasing a pickleball paddle. An average pickleball paddle weighs approximately in the range of 6-14 ounces.

How can a player select the pickleball paddle for their personal use?

You can select the best pickleball paddle for you by confirming the grip size according to your hand and palm. You can measure your grip size from the length of the tip of your paddle-hand ring finger to the area of the middle crease till your hand palm.

Which pickleball paddle will be used by the pro players in 2021?

The pickleball paddle used by the pro players in the Phoenix Genesis pickleball paddle offers a speedy option and has a weight falling in the 7.4-7.8 ounces category.

Which kind of paddle does Tyson McGuffin use for the gameplay?

Tyson McGuffin uses the Selkirk pickleball paddles that offer more depth and spin to perform a service.

Are thick paddles considered the best ones?

The paddles having a thick core, offer great control. If a fiberglass core material is in the paddle, the paddle offers more power and can put away the ball.

Which pickleball paddles are considered the best: Aluminum or wood?

The wood pickleball paddles are considered the best option for all sorts of pickleball players.

Which sort of pickleball paddles are used by the pro players?

The pro players use the pickleball paddles as below:

  • Signature pickleball paddle by Ben Johns
  • Premier pickleball paddle by ONIX evoke
  • Pro Maverick pickleball paddle by engaging elite
  • Selkirk Invicta pickleball paddle by Tyson McGuffin

Is an elongated pickleball paddle considered a better option?

Elongated pickleball paddles are an excellent choice for seasoned players but not a great option for beginners. These paddles have less width on the face region but hold an increased paddle length.

How can an average person choose the best pickleball racquet for themselves?

If you want to select the best pickleball racquet for yourself, you can look for the following qualities:

  • The price of the pickleball paddle
  • The weight of the pickleball paddle
  • The grip size of the pickleball paddle

What is the main difference between a composite and a graphite pickleball paddle?

A composite pickleball paddle is heavy to hold, but they offer the best surface with texture for an ideal spin. The graphite pickleball paddles are light in weight and offer fair gameplay.