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How Much Are Pickleball Paddles? All You Need to Know

How Much Are Pickleball Paddles? All You Need to Know

Pickleball paddles are designed for the game and are made of wood, graphite, or other materials. They can be lightweight or heavyweight and provide a good grip for the player. There are many different types of paddles in the market today, but some are better than others for specific purposes. So, I’ll discuss in this article: how much are the pickleball paddles?

For the beginner, the pickleball paddles can range from $75 to $100. Professional players even invest in pickleball paddles whose price can exceed $200. The cost of paddles varies according to the surface, core material, and brand so that a player can select according to their ease.

You can select the paddle according to your material choice, including wood, graphite, or composite pickleball paddles.

The Pickleball paddle is the leading equipment for playing the pickleball game, so investing in a good paddle is better.

We know that pickleball paddles hold a significant way of playing a good game. People can select the paddle that provides comfort and offers a good grip during the game.

You can check out the grip of your paddle in a sensible way before purchasing a paddle. It is also preferred to try some imaginary shots, including volleys, serves, forehand, and backhand shots, and choose the paddle if it offers you an accessible and natural grip.

Beginners and professional pickleball players frequently use the Monarch pickleball paddles. They are known for their best grip and a wide range of options available, among which a person can select according to ease.

Monarch pickleball paddles are one of the highly purchased paddles for pickleball games. These are manufactured by the Monarch team, which provides one of the best paddles in the market.

They abided by the core principles of their paddles that offer playability, durability, and consistency in the form of their equipment. As a result, monarch pickleball paddles provide the best quality at an affordable price. 

Tips to Follow Before Investing in Pickleball Paddles:

It is recommended that all players follow some tips and implement them before purchasing the pickleball paddles for their game. A person’s preference matters significantly in this aspect, so it is advisable to pay special attention before investing your money in paddles.

1. Check the Weight of Paddle:

One of the essential things which a person should look at before purchasing a paddle is its weight. Choosing a lightweight paddle that can offer you an efficient game is advisable.

Monarch pickleball paddles, considered the best, is more than 8 oz in weight and are simple to maneuver. A player can easily control these paddles so that you can choose these. Other factors like personal choice and the paddle's price can be kept in mind during the purchase.

Pros and Cons of Lightweight and Heavyweight Monarch Paddles:

Lightweight paddles- Pros

Heavyweight paddles- Pros

They provide an increased ball control

These paddles provide more power

These paddles offer better maneuverability

These paddles require less effort to hit the ball at harder pace

These paddles offer less stress on elbow and shoulder

These paddles are easy to hit the ball at deep position

Lightweight paddles- Cons

Heavyweight paddles- Cons

These paddles offer a reduced power and drive

These paddles place stress on injuries especially on elbows

These paddles provide a strong swing when needed

These paddles offer slow swing with a less control during game

These paddles are hard to hit a long and hard shots

These paddles increase fatigue if a player plays the game with them for a long time.

2. Length of the Paddle:

The other thing a player should also remember while purchasing a pickleball paddle is its length. The longer pickleball paddles, especially from the grip region, offer a good game compared to others.

The long paddles provide a good whipping motion with an accurate game. These pickleball paddles help to gain a competitive edge against their opponents and help to gain more reach towards the volley.

3. Control and Power of the Paddle:

It is also better to look for the core material of the pickleball paddle before purchasing one. The core of the pickleball paddle is made up of fiber-glass and graphite and helps to render more power.

Pickleball paddles offer more control over the ball and produce a powerful swing during the game. This can leave the opponent in a perplexed and puzzled state.

4. Grip of the Paddle:

It is also recommended to check out the grip of the pickleball paddle too if they demand an exceptional wrist action. Pickleball paddles having wide and extended grips can fatigue the wrist.

They leave the hand of the player in an uncomfortable state and can let the paddle slip from the hand.

Monarch pickleball paddles are made with special consideration and help reduce fatigue and offer more control. They are also recommended due to their best grip, which has the capacity for sweat absorption, providing uninterrupted play.

5. Ambience and Budget of the Paddle:

A player can also go for the ambiance of the pickleball paddle before investing in a good piece. You can select a pickleball paddle that is appealing to you.

There are different styles and colors available for the paddles that offer an aesthetic and appealing look to the paddle.

Besides this, the player’s budget greatly matters for purchasing the paddle. The paddle’s budget can vary depending on the pickleball paddles’ material and construction.

6. Grip Size:

The grip size of the pickleball paddle also matters for a perfect game. You need to focus on the grip size to attain quick serves and hand changes. The grip of the pickleball paddle depends on the length, width, and grip size.

The smallest size for the grip includes a size around <=4 inches, and the largest grip size is considered 4 and a half inches. You should choose the correct grip size according to your hand that offers you comfortable play.

The large grip size offers a stable game and hardly causes the paddle to slip from the hand. This can lead to some problems with the elbow for the players. The small grip size allows a smooth wrist action and aids in spinning the ball. It ensures more control over the player and paddle.

A smaller grip allows more wrist action and aids in putting a spin on the ball, and ensures more control of the player on the paddle. A player can use an over grip to wrap the paddle according to its needs.

Height of the player

Size of the grip

Below 5’2’’

4’’ grip

Between 5’3’’ to 5’8’’

4 inches to 4 and half inches grip

5’9’’ and taller

4 and half inches grip

7. Material of the Pickleball Paddle:

Before investing your money in the pickleball paddle, it is essential to check out the material of the paddle. Different materials are used to construct the pickleball paddles, including wood, graphite, and composite.

7.1. Wooden Pickleball Paddles:

Wood material is considered the cheap and heaviest material for pickleball paddles. It is a viable option for beginners who can invest their amount in the first paddle to play well. Previously, pickleball ball paddles were initially made from wood and were highly usable.

But now, the wooden material is being replaced by other materials which offer better grips and helps prevent the paddle from slipping from the hands.

A wooden pickleball paddle is a good option if you purchase them for your community center, summer camps, or school. Wooden material for pickleball is a good option due to the paddle's durable nature and lower cost. Wooden pickleball paddles are also suitable for playing the game during family gatherings.

But still, it is recommended that players can choose from the mild-range composite material and graphite material for pickleball paddles, which is an affordable option.

7.2. Graphite Pickleball Paddles:

These are the expensive option in the pickleball paddles category. However, some light and powerful paddles in this category perform well on the court.

Graphite pickleball paddles weigh about 6-9 ounces and are built with a core. The core material of these pickleball paddles includes Nomex, aluminum, or sometimes polymer. Graphite pickleball paddles are similar to composite pickleball paddles.

The surface layer of this paddle is graphite built and usually a few mm in thickness. The graphite pickleball paddles are among the best-selling paddles due to their strength and lightweight.

7.3. Composite Pickleball Paddles:

This pickleball paddle is a compromise between wooden and graphite paddles. The price and weight of these paddles vary according to material and brand. This paddle’s texture helps impart the spin on shots during the game and is high in price.

Composite pickleball paddles are constructed having a composite core and fiberglass. There is also a carbon fiber hitting the surface of the pickleball paddles in the case of composite paddles.

The core of such paddles is made of polymer or aluminum material and sometimes rigid nylon. There are a few merits and demerits associated with the core material.

These paddles are becoming popular among pickleball players due to their textured surfaces. It makes it easy for the player to spin the ball on such a surface.

Recommended Pickleball Paddles:

ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball paddle

How Much Are Pickleball Paddles

The ONIX Graphite Z5 pickleball paddle is one of the most famous paddles from the ONIX manufacturers having an outstanding customer review. It has a graphite face with a Nomex core that provides the ball with a superior feel to the player.

The total weight of the paddle is between 7.5-8.2 ounces and offers a perfect balance between power and speed. Z5 paddle is wide-shaped and is excellent for the players of beginner to advanced level category.



Weight of pickleball

0.51 pounds

Color and material

Blue color with plastic material

Size of grip

4 + 4 and ¼ inches

Skill level of paddle

Recommended for beginners

Dimensions of item

18*11*3 inches

Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle:

How Much Are Pickleball Paddles

These pickleball paddles are the USA Pickleball-approved wooden paddles included in this set. These paddles offer a comfortable grip and keep the hands in the game.

They have a fitted non-slip grip handle. This paddle weighs about 11-11.2 oz and has a protective casing. It is surrounded by a plastic covering that protects it against nicks and dents.

This paddle is constructed from a durable 7-ply wood base and provides comfort and support during the play.



Weight of the item

1.7 pounds

Material and size

One size with a blend material

Dimensions of the item

17*8*4 inches

Manufacturers of the item

Franklin sports incorporation

Skill level

It is for beginner level players

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does a good pickleball cost?

A good pickleball costs about $15-$30 on average. The composite pickleball paddles cost between $40-$100. The graphite pickleball category costs between $90-$200.

Is there any difference between pickleball paddles?

There is a slight difference between pickleball paddles according to their weight and material. Lightweight pickleball paddles provide more control but less drive. A heavy pickleball paddle provides less control with more power.

Heavy pickleball can lead to elbow strain and fatigue, so it is not good to start practicing the game with a heavy paddle.

How often should a person replace the pickleball paddle?

A person should return the pickleball paddle within 1-5 years. After that, the need for replacement depends on the frequency of its usage and the condition in which it is used. Recreational players derive durability and longevity from the paddle.

Is a thick pickleball paddle considered a better one?

If a player wants some control over power in the pickleball game, they can go for a thick polymer core pickleball paddle of 16mm. On the other hand, polymer core paddles with 14 mm thickness can go for something of the average category.

Which material is better for pickleball paddles? Wood or plastic?

Wood-based pickleball paddles are considered durable and last longer than usual than other paddles like composite or graphite. However, wooden paddles offer more power and are hard to control.

Which shape is best for the pickleball paddle?

The elongated shape of the pickleball paddle is the best one as it offers more reach, power, and spin. The flip side of this long shape provides less control but is stills one of the most popular among pickleball players due to its extended reach.

Are the graphite pickleball paddles better than the other options?

Graphite pickleball paddles are durable and robust, offering an easy time to hit the ball. These paddles are ultra-light and stiff in weight. If a player is looking for more control and energy, they should choose this paddle.

Is a pickleball game a good source of workout?

The Pickleball game is an excellent aerobic workout that does not offer much strain and stress to joints and muscles. Exercise releases endorphins and bio-amines that elevate self-esteem in the person and helps to combat depression in people.

Do the expensive pickleball paddles offer a better game?

The price or brand of the pickleball paddle does not matter in the pickleball game. All that matters is the skill of the person and practice.

Do the pickleball paddles wear out?

Unfortunately, the pickleball paddles do wear out after an episode of games. However, Pickleball paddles will not last forever, so if a player feels any roughness on their surface, they should replace them immediately.